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Great Service

Hands down the best mechanic we know. Great service and highly recommend it. -Hilda C

Thanks For The Great Service

Just visited you at your new location in Corona. Thanks for the great service. I would recommend you to anyone. -Phillip R

The Best Hands Down

Jesus and his team are hands down the best group of guys in the area! I've had a lot of work done by them and i'm always pleased with their work and prices. -Michael H

Highly Recommend

Fantastic customer service and a great team. Highly recommend this business. -Olma J

Straight Shooter

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata (a problematic car ever since I bought it new from the dealer in '10) overheated after I left an appointment in Corona.  AAA referred me here and I'm so glad they did.  The problem was diagnosed in less than an hour (bad radiator fan).  The owner, Jesus, even popped the hood for me to show me where the overheated fan had melted the wiring.  As a AAA member, I got 10% off (up to $50) off my repair.  He also gave me the best price I had received (out of 3 quotes) for a new axel, so I had that repair done at the same time.  My car was ready the next day.  If I lived in Corona, this would become my regular service spot.  They also service commercial diesel engines.  Jesus was very friendly and a straight shooter.  As a woman, I greatly appreciate that in a mechanic. -Mandy R

As Good

This place is as good as it gets! The service upon walking in is wonderful, the lady is knowledgeable and always polite.  The technicians know exactly what they are doing and always get the answer right! I was recommended here by a few friends and I can definitely say now that my vehicle will always go here from now on.  I will recommend anyone I know to come here to get their vehicles worked on.  Thanks so much for assisting me and getting me back out on the road! -Amanda A

Took Care Of Me

've been using Jesus for a few years now and as anyone who has a 6.0 power stroke knows they can get costly on maintaince and with that being said it's easy to get mad at your mechanic when your forking out $$$, with that being said I've had a few bumps in the road along the way but I know how it goes as I run a family business as well so when I had theses issuse my concern was how would they (Murrieta diesel and auto) deal with them and how would they treat my pocket book and as I hoped they would, they TOOK CARE of me. Replaced faulty parts they had put on for me months or weeks earlier as the parts had not held up, no fault of their own. When I had a small smoke problem in the beginning I took it in to him sure of it that I was gonna be getting a hefty bill for service but saw none as they could initially not diagnose any problem and if I recall right they didn't even charge me for the diagnostic fee I believe since they were not able to find anything coding wrong but thought it was weird them selfs. Any way after the smoke got to be a bit more noticeable and we were able to finally get it to duplicate the smoke as it was a small but regular amount that's when they knew something was wrong and with 5 days diligence and good diesel mechanic knowledge he and his staff were able to find a small and abnormal leak in the turbo and I say this because it didn't smoke like a chimney which from what I understand is more the norm.  They nailed it, got parts ASAP and next day close of biz I and my big beast were back out on the road smoke and stink free and can report still running strong. No business runs with out hick ups but it's how they handle them that makes them shine or not. That's my view -Nick H

Reasonably Priced

Jesus is great as well as his whole team. I've been using these guys for several years now and they are always professional and do great work at a reasonable price. Jesus is very good about telling you whether you should bring your vehicle to the dealer or to him depending on the problem. He looks for ways to get the job done right and save you money, which is very hard to find in a mechanic as we all know. Recently I brought my work van in for a battery problem which was under warranty and Jesus took care of it all at no charge   He's trusted and recommended by me. Thanks Jesus -Dan W

Worked On My Truck For Years

I would first like to acknowledge that Jesus is an excellent diesel mechanic. I have 3 fords all with the 7.3l motor.  Jesus has been working on my trucks for more than 8 years. We have recommended countless people to him over the years. Just last year I spent $4000 with him 8 new injectors. -Brent H

Took Great Care Of Me

This review is easy. The owner, Jesus, is one of the most knowledgeable mechanics I know. This guy will sit and explain to you what it is that is wrong or right with your truck, car, or SUV.
He explains things in plain old commoner English, not that mechanic babble you get at every other dealership and fly-by-night shop.
Seems this guy and his crew are always busy when I walked in, but he never once brushed me off. He took the time to clearly navigate my numb mind through the best and most cost effective solution. Trust me, I understand tire changing and oil changes, but beyond that, you might as well be talking to me in an unknown dialect of Mandarin. I walked out of here with a full understanding of all my repairs and with a clear head about how I need to take care of my car. 
Like I said, I'm from out of town and this guy probably knew I was never coming back, but he treated me just the same as the 3 others that came into his shop while I was there. No wonder he's moving into a bigger place. 
Only other place I would trust a mechanic is at home with the guy I have been seeing for over 3 years.
I almost didn't want to leave this place. That's how much at-home he made me feel. We don't run across too many business owners like this guy with the knowledge and customer service needed to survive in today's and tomorrows world, but this guy nailed it right on the head.
Kudos to Murrieta Diesel and Auto. -Mike M