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Hats Off

I'm giving 5 stars. Took my daughter and her car in for some registration repairs and was basically leaving all the paperwork up to my daughter to complete. Margaret at the front desk went over the paperwork and then asked my daughter to sign. She then asked her "do you know what you just signed" Of course the answer was no. She then spent about 7 minutes going over the paperwork and what to be alert to when signing such documents. Hats off!! who knew my daughter would be getting a teachable moment. Work was completed in about half the time originally quoted and about 30% less than some other places in town. -Gary G

Job Done Right

Jesus is great as well as his whole team. I've been using these guys for several years now and they are always professional and do great work at a reasonable price. Jesus is very good about telling you whether you should bring your vehicle to the dealer or to him depending on the problem. He looks for ways to get the job done right and save you money, which is very hard to find in a mechanic as we all know. Recently I brought my work van in for a battery problem which was under warranty and Jesus took care of it all at no charge He's trusted and recommended by me. Thanks Jesus. -Dan W

Fast Service

We walked in for a smog check and they took the car immediately, and not even 20min later we were on our way. The lady at the front desk was really helpful.Great place. -Mariana P

Very Professional

My first time here and I really like this place. Came in for a Star Smog Check . Actually I went first to Hidden Valley Car Spa in Norco , my usual place. Been going there for years. But when the tech saw I needed a Star place he had to send me on my way. He said they used to be a Star place but somebody at corporate office forgot to fill in the paper work update and send it in so they lost their Star accreditation. They'll have it back in about 2 months he said, but I needed a smog check today. I remembered getting a mailer card from Inland Smog a few days ago so drove over here to get smogged. Glad I did, very professional and fast service and I was out quick and passed with flying colors. Glad I got that card, as really I had never heard of this place before and probably drove by it dozens of times.Later on I will bring my other car here to get some stuff repaired. -Christine G


These guys were great! They are a STAR station, so that makes it convenient for anyone who is looking to get a smog! They normally charge $50 for a smog check, which includes the certificates, but when you check in you get a $10 discount. Really great price!Before my vehicle went for a smog, I let them know that I was doubtful about a passing grade. Low and behold, 20 minutes later (great timeliness) I was informed that my car had passed. The woman at the front desk informed me that if you inform them of a potential non passing grade, they will do a couple quick fixes to make sure that it's not anything superficial causing a fail. It was a mini service that really saved me time and money, and you can bet that I'll be returning next time around. THANK YOU INLAND SMOG AND REPAIR! -Kristin V

Friendly Staff

Walked in without an appointment and they did an oil change and smog check quick and for a great price! Friendly staff treat you like a person, not a dollar sign. -Daniel G

Friendly Service

It’s refreshing to be treated with such integrity. I am definitely referring your shop to all of my friends and family. Thanks Murrieta Diesel. 

First Day Customers

I have been going to Jesus shop since he opened. I have always been more then happy with the service that I have received and continue to recommend him to friends and family. He has always taken the time to explain and show me what was wrong and needed to be repaired. Its nice having a mechanic that I can trust and know the job will be done right. -Justin T

Great Job

I had my 2004 Ford Excursion fixed at this place and they did a great job. Jesus replaced the oil pump, upgraded the programing to fix a rough idle at startup, and a couple hoses that were worn. It was quite a bit of work and he did it all for about $2K. He’s a Master Ford Tech that just opened his own shop. If I didn’t live so far from him, I’d use him more often. -J S

Better Than The dealership

People are always looking for a good doctor or an honest mechanic. I have to tell you I’m still looking for the good doctor, but I have definitely found my mechanic. I have an 08 F250 that lost turbo boost and had no power, I had to tow it to the Ford dealer. I took it to the local Ford dealer and they changed out the Diesel Particulate Filter, sensors and other parts. This repair cost me 4000 dollars for the labor and parts.The truck ran fine for 1000 miles and it did the same thing to me again. Instead of going back to the Ford dealer I looked for a local diesel mechanic and found the Murrieta Diesel website.Reading some of the reviews from others I decided to give them a try. I called Jesus the owner of the shop and was immediately impressed with the way I was treated.The questions he asked about the history of my truck and the symptoms showed he was getting any and all information on the history of the vehicle.He was very patient with my questions and answered in a manner that was understandable and made sense. I was impressed with his personality and knowledge of the Diesel engine.Needless to say I left my truck with Murrieta Diesel, Jesus was able to analyze the problem as the DPF getting blocked because my truck wasn’t going into regen.He further analyzed and figured out what the Ford dealer couldn’t, that the previous owner had chipped the truck and even though it had been re-flashed by Ford there was still programming from the original tuner that was burned onto the chip and was not removable.Jesus found the code on the chip was able to resolve the problem and my truck has since regened and runs great. He gave my truck a thorough inspection for any other problems and after giving it a clean bill of health he made suggestions that would prolong the life of my truck. -Miguel R